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The Closest Historic Bed and Breakfast to Niagara Falls

In the early 19th century tourism started in the Niagara region and has been a vital part of the local economy since that time. In part to the Falls being featured in paintings by prominent American artists of the 19th century, Niagara Falls became known as a natural wonder and brought in tourists from all around. For travellers, they have always been able to find warm hospitality and charming, comfortable accommodations while visiting the Falls.

During the 1920s and 30s when automobiles became more common, two new types of accommodations began appearing throughout the town, tourist camps and tourist homes. These tourist homes within Niagara Falls offered travellers a more affordable way to visit. With the Great Depression starting to affect people, running a tourist home provided the homeowners with the opportunity to earn some extra income.

Bluecrest Bed and Breakfast was built in the 1920s and is located at 4495 Hiram St., just off the base of River Road. This home was later used as a tourist home by Mrs. Ed Smith. At the time, it was named Rockway Tourist Home. Visitors were able to take advantage of staying in the closest Bed and Breakfast to the Falls. Bluecrest was renovated in 2002 to enhance the features by offering a modern Bed and Breakfast while still maintaining its historic character and charm.

Sitting at the top of Hiram Street, Bluecrest is owned by Greg Boulay and his fiancé Loretta Lui, along with his father, Dale Boulay. The Bed and Breakfast boasts four gorgeous rooms along with a spacious dining room and luxurious kitchen.

The “Chardonnay Room” on the main level offers a comfortable living room, along with a crisp king-sized bed. A full-sized en-suite bathroom provides a shower and a large jacuzzi tub for guests.

On the second level at the front of the house is the “Riesling Room,” with its large bright windows that invite you to watch the fireworks at night. This room is also equipped with a gas fireplace for a romantic evening in. A king-size bed is awaiting you near this fireplace. An en-suite bathroom is just steps from the bed where you can enjoy a bath in the large jacuzzi tub or spacious shower.

The “Merlot Room” is found down the hall in the back portion of the house. This room overlooks the back patio with its lovely flowers. An inviting king-sized bed is provided along with an en-suite. This room, like the Chardonnay and Riesling, also has a large jacuzzi and shower.

Lastly is the cozy “Vidal Room,” located in the middle of the home on the second level. This room has a comfortable double bed along with an en-suite bathroom that offers a bathtub and shower.

Some historic items remain in the house for guests to see during their stay. In the office, an original sign that reads “tourist home” hangs on the wall along with the “Rockway Tourist Home” business card. Guests will also notice the stone footing for the original entrance and exit of the home, along with the original doors to the bedrooms.

Bluecrest is a balance of history and modern conveniences into one enjoyable experience and will continue to promote tourism to this beautiful town for years to come.

Greg Boulay, Proprietor



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