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The Joy of Movement and the Heart of Life !

Dance is the Joy of Movement and Heart of Life and Antoaneta Popova is a Dance World Champion. Dance is her life !

Born in the cultural capital of Bulgaria; Plovdiv, Antoaneta Popova started to dance and draw at a very young age. At the age of 4, she took her first steps in the rhythmic gymnastics field.

Taking the advice of her national folk dance teacher, her interest shifted to ballroom dancing in the 2nd grade where she

quickly advanced and won various National Championships with 2 different partners.

Having lots of interest in Art, she was enrolled in special Art programs since kindergarten age. And With a dream to become a Dance Fashion Designer, she took extra fashion design courses which enhanced her skillset in creating dance costumes. Her dancing skills are further complimented by her proficient abilities and skills in drawing which she pursued in the prestigious High School of Art in Plovdiv.

After graduating high school she travelled the world for a year representing Bulgaria at multiple World, European and International Championships. During all this, she moved to the capital of the country (Sofia) where she was the first out of six chosen in the entire country to study Graphic in the National Art Academy.

At the age of 20, her life took an unexpected turn as she took a chance by moving to Canada in the summer of 2008 to pursue a very promising dance partnership with Anton Belyayev; a partnership which later proved to be “The Perfect Match”. A few of their accolades include;

7 Times Canadian Latin, Standard and 10 Dance Champion, World Champion, World Cup Champion, North American Champion and Asian Pacific Champion.

After retiring from competitive career, she went on to achieve other accomplishments including Becoming the first Miss Bulgaria in Canada, Winning a Fitness Star Model Search competition in 2018, and becoming the Executive Director of Miss Face of Humanity.

In recent times, Antoaneta’s love and passion for Art is still very much alive and relevant.

You can find her creations on sneakers, hats, shirts and on the dance floor where she designs costumes for herself and her students.

Today her main focus is coaching her wonderful students into becoming better dancers and people.

Antoaneta believes that Ballroom Dancing, also known as Dancesport, is a wonderful way to express yourself, stay fit and healthy not just physically, but also mentally.

Dancing has been proven to be a wonderful way for young kids to not only become more discipline, confident and focused, but also to improve their social skills and help them learn how to interact accordingly with the opposite sex.

One of the bonuses of occupying your free time with dance is the enjoyment of vibrant music while mastering how to move your body to the rhythm.

Dancing is a fantastic way to meet new people or simply share a quality time with your favorite person, all while traveling the World.

Antoaneta is expressive, confident and creative in what she does and has a passion to go and get done more. We would love to have Antoaneta on set in one of our Chaarmz Magazine fashion gigs or @chaarmzstudio photoshoots. Please let us know in your comments, what you think of her look, her performance as a model and also the photography. Your feedback helps us develop better images and talent.

We wish Antoaneta all the best. We are very impressed with her and would love to collaborate with her soon. The technical specs of one of the images of our photoshoot is as follows:

The technical specs of the main image is as follows:

Sonyalpha 7ii fullframe mirrorlesscamera

sony wideangle 35mm prime lens shot at 35mm, shot at f/7.1 1/250s ISO 200, godox Speed lash and Natural Light.

Thank you,

Publisher @chaarmzmagazine

Photographer @chaarmzstudio

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