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The longest Hair Fashion Model - Anna Pri !

Anna Pri is a Russian born Canadian free-lance model that has been able to pursue

her modelling journey thanks to moving to Canada in 2014. Today she is

recognized by her peers for high professionalism that includes knowledge of

posing, art of movement; strong, positive and feminine attitude, and boundless

energy. Her professional dedication is inspirational not only for those, who start

they journey in the industry, but also to those, who have been working in the

fashion and beauty related industries for decades.

In a High Fashion look, Anna finds her self in an upscale yet elegant setting at our High Fashion Inspired Photoshoot for Chaarmz Magazine at the Startup Fashion Week event Produced by Jodi Goodfellow. Her Fashion Statement is complimented by her elegance and exquisite posing focusing on her hair movements which was quite an amazing act of motion.


Building modelling portfolio and recognition didn’t seem to be an easy job, but

thanks to fashion events that she has been invited to be a part of, brought her

required experience and established photographers to work with. “My runway

journey started back to 2019 in MTL, when on a casting call I was chosen among

hundreds of other girls for the runway at Fairmont Royal”. Since then she had a

luck to be chosen as a Runway model in many different shows in Canada, such as:

Fashion Art Toronto, Startup Fashion Week in MTL and Toronto, Festivale Mode

Design in MTL, Cosmopolitan Fashion Week in MTL, CHEO Runway for Hope in

Ottawa. She moved to Ottawa 7 years ago to proceed with her post-graduate high

education but that was the pivot place, where she was firstly introduced to a local

fashion and photography.

Lighting and Photography was managed by yours truly, Kal Ata and Interviews at the Startup Fashion Week event were conducted by June Vos. For photos we used natural light to compliment the look and soft edges of the outfits. A great experience working with the entire team of Startup Fashion Week, at the Photoshoot.

Today Anna is residing in Toronto, looking to expand her professional network and

benefit from the opportunities given by this beautifully evolving city. Recently

graduated from an acting school back to Ottawa, she is looking forward to

dedicate her activities not only to modelling, but also Film/Tv acting.

Please like and comment our work as a lot of effort goes into these productions. Also the latest Issue of Chaarmz Magazine is out and is available at

When did you passion for modelling started?

Fashion inspires me a lot and it has always been a huge interest. My Grandmother

would sew me skirts and dresses starting from the day I was born and I think she

was the one who has dragged me into clothing and modelling. When I was little, I

just adored to dress up in my Mom’s old dresses, that I was allowed to play with,

secretly taking her high-heel shoes and dance for my self in an empty room,

pretending the audience is watching! Later on, when I wanted to dress up, I would

ask my Mom to create a particular design for me, we had so much fun choosing

the right fabrics and then doing fittings until my unique garment was ready. I had

always enjoyed playing with buttons, pins and fabrics, I just never thought I could

end up taking my interest in fashion and modelling seriously. Thanks to Canada

that has allowed me to follow my dreams, today I fully enjoy my modelling


What inspires you?

I’m inspired by the creativity of fashion designers and by the photographers I work

with. Canadian designers are geniusly creative and it’s a true pleasure and honour

for me to present their clothing in the best shine. To translate the mood and the

passion of an apparel artist into a photo might seem to be an impossible job, but

my experience and creativity guide me, bringing me the confidence that I’m adding

all the possible value from my side, making sure that every designer I work with is

proud of the final outcome. I truly believe that a combination of hard work,

passion, and mutual commitment is the fuel to any Canadian designer to reach the

international level. I also love to learn from photographers, I always stay open for

directions and welcome their critics and recommendations. Nobody it perfect, and

the ultimate idea of my journey is not to be the right one, but to grow and to

benefit others. I love bringing photographer’s creativity to life, it diversifies my

experience and adding new skills to my profile. I had photoshoots on the ice (yes,

in a swimsuit), in a wedding dress in winter time, I got into muddy lakes, climbed

trees and rooftops. But the ones I’m the most proud of are my underwater series,

that I was able to do in a private pool during pandemic.

What do you love most about modelling?

The favourite part of my work is the process, no matter if it’s a runway or a

photoshoot, being in the moment of artistic movement is the main factor. To me,

creativity is one of the greatest things on Earth; it grabs my attention from all the

other things happening in my life and lets me fall into a deep ocean full of

wonderful, beautiful, unusual and inspirational ideas. During the photoshoot or a

runway I feel like I’m doing something really great and important to the society.

Thank you!

The Technical Specs of the said images are as follows:

sony wideangle 35mm prime lens shot at 35mm, shot at f/4.6 1/200s ISO 100, godox Softbox as main light and umbrella as back fill light.

Publisher @chaarmzmagazine

Photographer @chaarmzstudio

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