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Top Hair Trends for 2021

There has been an energetic shift, and it is time to live vividly! In recent years, we have watched hairstyles become more subtle. Colours and techniques are now favouring natural, less noticeable looks like the dusty silver sombre that shook the colour world for quite some time. So why the new shift?

1) Stylists are artists! A good stylist can ask questions that do not seem pertinent to a client’s hair but trust us, we know exactly what our clients really need.

2) Re-integration of peace movements and the concept of personal freedom is greater than ever; thus, many of the current colours use chakra energy colours to define emotion!

3) We want to look in the mirror and see what we want in life, not who we want to be. Clients are no longer looking to Hollywood for what they want. Each client and true hair artist seek to shine on their own. This is why vibrant ombres became popular in late 2020.

The popular colour trends for 2021 are following this change from gentle to intense. What we are seeing unveil is methodically placed vibrant colours on lighter bases. Taking the example of a deep violet ombre: the top was the darkest, and we would smudge the colour down through hair zone two and three and create a light silver colour, right? Not anymore.

Now we are chunking or piecing mood colours that are completely different from the rest of the hair colour. This technique I call the ‘joy add.’ You can envision the hair as if it were an exploded firework. The second new colour technique is known as the ‘bubble effect.’Even though we have entered into an era where multiple colours are at our fingertips, these colour techniques are peaceful and exciting but also energetic explosions!

What we will see in 2021 is that style techniques will utilize mirror images. Remember the mohawk? It is back!! For men, the bald fade mohawk is stealing the limelight, and for women, the long-centered mohawk provides both versatility and a warrior princess feel. From the center of the head, these styles are mirrored on each side, symbolizing domination and freedom.

These new and revolutionary techniques are being used to symbolically uphold these new mindsets for those looking to steer away from shaved sides, cornrows, or contrasting colours on the side blocks. Vertical is on the rise everyone! Whether it be colour, cut, beard or all three, the symbolism of vertical lines is to rise, and as stylists, rise we will!

Grace Joy Engel Owner/ Operator of Red Seal stylist & Elite Colorist Author of Creating Peace



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