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Using Winter to Your Advantage

Summer is over and in the most reliable way the season is changing like it always does. We know this because the temperatures are not as high as they have been and the colour of the leaves are changing and falling off the trees. You start taking out your winter clothes, the patios start to close and we start mentally preparing ourselves for the snow fall, black ice, early nights, and freezing temperatures but winter is so much more than just those things. If you can understand that, you will see that there are benefits to winters and you will focus on improving yourself, so that when summer rolls around again you will be a higher version of yourself by then. Here are 6 tips to use winter to your advantage:

  1. Get into winter fashion this year, I mean if you have to be cold you might as well look good doing it. I am not saying to get a whole new winter wardrobe but you can get key pieces that will have you fashionable through the winter season. A jacket, some fashionable boots, a new scarf and hat with a couple of new sweaters and long sleeves to start. Get key pieces that you can use for winter next year.

  2. Get into self development. Read books, listen to podcasts, watch motivational videos. Find the thought leaders that your soul connects with and help you to become more conscious of yourself. Everyone needs help to elevate their thinking so do not think of this as a sign of weakness. Strong people invest in themselves.

  3. Fall deeper in love with yourself. In order to do this you will have to spend time alone with yourself the same way you invest time with the people in you life. You are the foundation of your life, but how much do you actually like yourself? If you don’t like who you are then we have a problem. You were not born hating yourself, so the same way you learned how to despise yourself is the same way you can learn to love yourself again. Write down affirmations like: I am amazing, I am peace, love and happiness. Look at yourself in the mirror and say loving things to yourself, and high five yourself as Mel Robbins would say.

  4. Meditate so you can clear on the things that you want and so that you can become more aware of your own consciousness and your thoughts. Allow old feelings to surface and let them pass, and change the narrative in your mind to more positive stories.

  5. Get caught up on old goals. Upgrade your furniture the way you have been meaning to, learn to cook the meals that you love to order at the restaurants that you frequent. Read the books that you bought that are still sitting in your library untouched. You know what your goals are, don’t take care of everyone else and neglect the things your own soul is asking you to do.

  6. Reconnect with family and friends. We can all get out of touch but you my friend are not an island, we all need friends and family but only spend time with quality people. When you spend time with people you should leave their presence energised, feeling good about yourself and about them. If people don’t make you feel welcomed, are talking behind your back, and are just using you for what you can do for them then please prune your life from them so you can blossom more into who you are meant to be and live a better quality life.


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