Dressing Like The Gem You Are

As a young child, Suzy Tamasy always had a passion for clothing. Living in a middle-class household, her parents could not afford different dress-up clothes for her Barbie dolls. Having an incredible imagination of her own, she cut curtains and bedding sheets to design clothing for her Barbie dolls, even making trendy shoes to mix and match with her outfits.

Suzy Tamasy is an entrepreneur, award-winning mentor in finance, and a leader in advocating for entrepreneurship as a way of creating positive transformation in the world. Suzy is currently based in Toronto, Ontario and is the founder of the fashion companies Suzy Q Jewels and Frugal Divas. Both companies started in 2012 as an initiative to radically transform how we support, celebrate, and finance female entrepreneurs. “Today I follow my lush passion to have clients smiling from our luxury brand to everyday chic looks. We keep it fresh and trendy. We listen to our clients and look at what is selling in our collection and what the market needs to be sustainable,” says Tamasy.

The way Suzy sees her designs on every woman is by having price points that will work for everyone, from her luxury brand to her everyday office chic attire. Being an appearance fashion stylist for the past 6 years has given her the best opportunity to mix and match attire. Covering a vast range of fabrics and keeping it local to assist in our Canadian economy, Tamasy uses Canadian sources with top-notch quality and “all our pieces are available in a variety of sizes to cover all our gem of women with our brand Suzy Q Jewels.”