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Fatima Rull - Life of the Ibiza Party

Updated: Feb 5

Fatima Rull - Life of the Ibiza Party

by Natalie Messina

Who is Fatima Rull?

Born and raised in Ibiza, Fatima Rull - or Fati - is a model and reality television star who travels the world and has over 49.7K followers on social media. Fatima can be found on Instagram with the handle @fatimarull.

What television show has Fatima been on?

Fatima Rull was one of the contestants on the 7th season of MTV’s Ex On The Beach (2017).

Ex On The Beach is a reality television show that sees eight sexy single guys and girls arrive in paradise. But as things get off to a sizzling start, MTV brings in their exes to break up the party - one by one. In this particular series, the villa that they stayed in was in Bali, Indonesia. Recently on her Instagram account, she posted a picture from her MTV days and wrote, “I can’t believe it has been six years since I got into that villa. I regret nothing, though.”

Where can you find Fatima now?

Fatima is the life of the Ibiza party. She enjoys living life to the fullest, which includes relaxing and unwinding in paradise at various resorts and beaches. One of her favourite places to visit is 7Pines Resort Ibiza, the ultimate laid-back luxury hideaway set in a pine grove on the cliffs of the west coast of Ibiza. You can also find her visiting Salinas Beach, a World Heritage site in Ibiza. Salinas is a paradisiac beach of crystalline turquoise water, white sand and huge seashore hidden in the dunes. It provides an amazing landscape to the most eclectic and surrealistic inhabitants of the area where almost anything can happen. You can follow Fatima on social media, especially on her Instagram account. She frequently posts about her travels to many different countries, such as Mexico, Japan, United Kingdom, Thailand, Norway, Dominican Republic and Dubai. However, you can always find her enjoying the beauty that Ibiza has to offer.

How was Fatima’s Chaarmz Magazine cover shoot inspired?

Fatima proudly represents the island of Ibiza on the cover of Chaarmz Magazine for Miami Summer 2023! The location for the shoot was at Salinas providing amazing scenery. Fatima’s inspiration for the cover of Chaarmz Magazine was through the beautiful fashion designer, Respect The Effect, which can be found on Instagram - @respectheeffect. This clothing brand features handmade designs and unique pieces from Ibiza. The style is timeless, powerful and haute couture. On Instagram, Fatima posted a photo of the handcrafted dress and wrote, “Have a look at her stuff, it’s unreal. Just what you need if you like to stand out and look unique.”

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