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Life is Art and Art is Life !

Cait Alexander is a multifaceted artist- a model, an actress, a writer, singer, poet, pianist... From her small town roots to over 5 years of international modelling and working in over 10 major fashion cities, she has walked the world's runways and graced its magazines, while embracing working in diverse cultures.

In a High Fashion look by Tome', Lexi finds her self in an upscale yet elegant couture setting at our latest Harvard University Opera Inspired Photoshoot for Chaarmz Magazine. Her Fashion Statement is complimented by her youthful and expressive posing.


She’s known as one of the best “movers” around as she dances when she models, bringing uniqueness and humanness to each fashionable image. Notable clients include New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, LA Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, GQMagazine, Cover of Vigour Magazine, La Vie En Rose, Cadbury, FCUK, Mejuri, GM Collin Spa,.

For our photoshoot by the pool, location arranged by our Real Estate editor, Alkarim Shivji, photography was done by yours truly AKA Kal Ata, lighting on set, was managed by Barret Mullholand, and Assisted to perfection by our DOP, Dr. Ange Amourous, where we put strobe lights and back fill lights to compliment the look and soft edges of the outfit. A great experience working with the entire team and our Fashion Stylist, Mina Bakhshian on her side during the Photoshoot.

Please like and comment our work as a lot of effort goes into these productions. Also the 2021 Spring Issue of Chaarmz Magazine is available at

Cait, having started in the theatre as a child and rising to roles in major TV shows- Star Trek, The Handmaids Tale, American Gods, Clarice, to name a few- she, as is the artist's natural way- expanded. She has even starred in Bollywood movies and enjoys working in all genres of film from Hallmark to Lifetime to Horror and Drama.

Her versatility is her gift and she enjoys the encompassing real life into art. She will often find herself working on a show with events currently in her life. Life is art and art is life? Is it not? Her voice is powerful with a distinctive rasp, yet sweet, deeply evoking and emotionally honest. It will linger with you long past the end of her song. Her dedication to lyrical editing is a full on love affair and she enjoys finding words to express how she and others feel.

Her EP album is evolving and will be ready for world release soon. She has also, composed and performed songs for film, combining her love of acting and music. Both her films Robbery and Isthmus have found success in the festival circuit, most recently in Shanghai International Film Festival.

Cait is a natural born writer, first being published internationally at age 11 and has written virtually every day since. She has over 900 lyrics written and writes poetry and every single caption on her IG ;). Fiercely observant, beautifully sensitive and deeply analytical, she sculpts language as clay and finds the most sincere pleasure in the work. She is a romantic at heart, intense and fragile, strong and yet soft. Whatever the artistic medium- she gives all of herself- in the photo, on the screen, through the song, and by the word. follow her on Instagram and Facebook for consistent updates.

The Technical Specs of the said images are as follows:

sony wideangle 35mm prime lens shot at 35mm, shot at f/10 1/200s ISO 100, godox Softbox as main light and umbrella as back fill light.

Publisher @chaarmzmagazine

Photographer @chaarmzstudio

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